Come to Järvelä for your meeting, event, party or sauna evening.

Nestled in a deciduous grove on the shoreline of lake Vanajavesi, Järvelä is quintessential Finland.

Järvelä main house has comfortable facilities for various events of up to 60 people. Successful weddings, family celebrations and meetings can be held in a magnificent lakeside setting.

In late winter Järvelä is a great place for ice fishing competitions.


Parties and meetings may also decide to hold a sauna evening.

The sauna at Järvelä can comfortably hold 10-15 people. The sauna stove is wood burning, giving a soft, smooth heated steam.

The sauna building is located on the lake shore. It is easy to take the plunge and swim after sauna, or cool down on the pier whilst enjoying the lake-side scenery.


Distance to nearby towns:

  • Tampere 55 km
  • Hämeenlinna 40 km
  • Valkeakoski 18 km

GPS: +61° 11' 52.80", +24° 15' 57.60"